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Rubber Stable Floor Mats are usually made from either rubber or EVA.but the question is which material is best?Here we aim to give you the rundown of the advantages and disadvantages of each type of stable mats, to help you choose the best solution for your horses.

EVA stable mats are generally cheaper than rubber stable mats, because the EVA foam is made from man-made materials, compare with solid rubber stable mats that contain a high percentage of natural, costly materials.

Rubber Stable Floor Mats

Black rubber stable mats can be used for many years, and are well known for being extremely hard wearing, long lasting and durable.  You can expect a solid rubber stable mat to last 15 years or more with normal equestrian use. The lifetime of an EVA stable mat will be shorter , they should still last at least 5 years with normal usage.

Racecourse Rubber Stable Mats Advantages :

1.Hardwearing, waterproof and shock absorbent.

2.With their textured, non-slip surface which increases grip levels even in wet conditions, they reduce slipping.

3.The grooved/channelled underside helps dispel moisture and provides relief to horses’ joints and muscles.

Durable and non-porous.

4.Easy to clean, they do not smell when properly fitted.

EVA stable mats are best suited for light to medium weight horses or ponies and in stables with flat floors with no central drain. For heavier horses and for stables that have an uneven surface, we recommend using solid rubber mats, which are longer lasting and also slightly more flexible.If you need help to choose stable mats,please do not hesitate to contact us.Thank you.


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