Automotive Rubber Parts 2021-11-08 03:47:59

There are a lot of rubber parts in a single automobile.Various rubber components that are involved in the assembly of a car. Such as rubber o rings, rubber bushings, rubber seals, rubber air intake hoses, rubber engine mounts, rubber belts, rubber gaskets…any number of chassis, engine and suspension components are made of rubber or plastic.

Rubber is naturally anti slip, making it difficult to work. Trying to install, remove or manipulate tight fitting rubber components can be a real challenge. Which are improperly aligned or installed may result in performance or safety issues. Using a temporary assembly lubricant can make rubber installation easier and helps to avoid these types of problems.

Automotive Rubber Parts

In the automotive industry, injection molding has proven to be a cost-effective and consistent way to produce high-quality rubber seals that meet the industry’s strict regulations. With the increase of electrification, automation and artificial intelligence in vehicles, complex, reliable rubber seals are crucial to the success of these high-tech applications. To get a better understanding of how injection molding is leading the way in automotive seal production.


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