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Car headlight rubber cover is widely used in HID modification, used to replace the original lid.  Drill a hole in the lid, remove the wire from the HID bulb outside the headlight assembly, and seal well, waterproof and dustproof. Automotive lamps rubber dust covers also play an important role when we install LED to replace headlight bulbs.  

Car Headlight Rubber Cover

LED headlights have large size radiators, especially fanless LED headlights.  When installing the radiator, do not reinstall flat dust caps.  But the rubber dust cover is cylindrical and has room for heat dissipation.  Can be installed to replace the original cover plate and seal the headlight.  

Car Headlight Rubber Cover

When we install the LED headlight with fan, the fan is very close to the original dust cap, the air can not enter and exit, the heat dissipation system does not work well, and the LED headlight may burn out because of the high working temperature.  If we use a rubber dust cover, the fan will have enough room to circulate air.  Dust cover can prevent dust from entering headlamp housing, so that the fan work smoothly, longer service life.  

Some headlight holes have flat edges and no support points for dust covers;  Or if your original dust cap is too big, replace it with a rubber one of the same size.  If you encounter the above problems, the rubber dust jacket is not able to catch it.  Then we can drill a hole on the material cover of the rubber dust cover, fill the rubber dust cover in the hole, and seal it with sealant.  

In the installation process of refitting LED headlight bulbs, we suggest that you replace the original dust cover with black rubber dust cover to expand the indoor space and smooth the air flow.  Whether led headlights have a fan or no fan, this approach can definitely improve heat dissipation and give the bulb a longer life.  


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