We cooperated with Logan company 2022-02-22 02:17:09

Daifuku Logan is an airport baggage handling systems (BHS) system design, equipment manufacturing and systems integration company with 60 years of experience and history providing services to airport and industrial logistics systems.  Daifuku Logan has a full baggage handling product range, including high technology products such as electric tilting tray sorting machines (TTS) and intelligent destination code vehicle systems, with more than 500 operational projects delivered in the global market. 

It is always at the forefront of the market in technology development, information systems and applications, and is the first integrated baggage centralized security system (HBS) company.  Daifuku Logan, headquartered in Hull, England, has a 20,000 square metre r&d and manufacturing facility with global locations in the UK, France, Belgium, the US, Singapore and China, enabling it to better support its customers and deliver a high level of service to its projects. 

We cooperated with them below airport rubber slats for many years.they are satisfied with our quality,prices and service.  

airport rubber slats


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