Black Rubber Wire Cover
Black Rubber Wire Cover

Automotive Lamps Black Rubber Wire Cover

Lamps Black Rubber Wire Cover its features are easy to fix, improve production efficiency.  The product has the advantages of light weight, small size, beautiful, environmental protection, no rust, convenient installation.    

  • Material :

    EPDM,SBR,NBR Rubber or custom
  • Size :

    Can Custom
  • Color :

    Black or custom
  • Application :

  • Certifications :

    IATF16949 ,ISO14001:2015,ROHS,CMC, etc
  • Product Detail

Automotive Lamps Black Rubber Wire Cover

Lamps black rubber wire cover commonly used rubber materials are as follows:  

1, fluorine rubber: high temperature resistance, can be used in -30℃-+250℃ environment, strong oxidant resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance.  Usually used in high temperature, high vacuum and high pressure environment, suitable for oil environment.  Because of its excellent properties, fluorine rubber is widely used in petroleum, chemical and other sectors.  

2, silicon rubber: has outstanding high and low temperature resistance, in the temperature range of -70℃-+260℃ to maintain good elasticity, and has the advantages of ozone resistance, weather aging, suitable for sealing gaskets in thermal machinery.  Without any toxicity can be made of insulation, insulation products and medical rubber products.  

3, butadiene rubber: has excellent oil resistance and aromatic solvents and other properties, but not resistant to, ester and chlorination and other media, so oil resistant sealing products are mainly butadiene rubber.  

4, neoprene rubber: has good oil resistance, solvent resistance, chemical media and other properties, but not resistant to aromatic oil, which is characterized by excellent weather aging and ozone aging performance.  Neoprene is usually used in the production of doors and Windows sealing strip and diaphragm and general vacuum sealing products. 

5, three ethylene c: has good temperature resistance, weather resistance and ozone aging performance, usually doors and Windows sealing strip, the most widely used in the automotive industry.  

6, ptfe composite gasket is based on ptfe and high-quality full into the rubber material, the use of special manufacturing process and become a new type of sealing material, it integrated the excellent characteristics of teflon and rubber, make the product possesses excellent corrosion resistance, and high temperature resistance, non-toxic, viscous resistance, but also has good elasticity and tightness.  

Below is our industrial electric power silicone rubber parts:

Electric silicone rubber parts

Experience: More than 20 years experience in rubber OEM production

Shape: According to customer's drawing

Package: PE bags, Cartons,Pallet

Payment Terms: T/T,L/C and so on. 

Sample time: 25-30 days 

Shipment Way: Vessel,Air,Express etc.

Kingtom Lab

Production Process

Custom Colors

Products Tolerance



Q1.Which kind of product do you produce?

Kingtom:Rubber injection parts,rubber compression parts and rubber extrusion parts,rubber-metal parts,plastic parts.

Q2.What information do you need for making price?

Kingtom:1.2D/3D drawing,or samples photo with detail size.

2.Material And Material hardness

3.Detail quantity

4.Your other requirements like tolerence,surface treatment.

5.Product usage environment

Q3.I don't have 3D drawing,how should i do ?

Kingtom:You can send one sample to us,then we can produce as your sample.

Q4:How to make sure the quality?

Kingtom:Check the samples before mass production.

There is the detail inspection report and goods photos before shipping.

Q5.Do you provide samples?

Kingtom:Yes,samples is free and you just pay the express cost.

Q6.How is the delivery time?

Kingtom:It usually takes 10-30days.It depends on the orders.

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