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The automotive industry relies on a wide variety of components to build critical systems and support infrastructure to form a complete vehicle. These integrated systems must be able to reliably withstand the effects of motion and vibration generated by driving surfaces, engines and other factors.  Rubber seals and gaskets provide cushioning and a strong seal to prevent leakage of liquids and gases.  Rubber sealing solutions are found throughout the entire vehicle system, from engine and drivetrain to doors and windows.  


Automotive rubber seals must be tear resistant, non-flammable, flexible, durable and able to withstand high speed, extreme temperature and intense pressure.  Automotive rubber parts minimize rotational or translational motion between two connecting parts to prevent fluid leakage or gas infiltration into the cabin. High quality seals ensure efficient and independent operation of each component. 

Different types of automobile seals  

Automotive gasket manufacturers manufacture several types of rubber seals, including:  

Rubber washer These flat rubber rings have an open center that allows fluid to flow through the connected parts.  They provide a tight, non-abrasive seal on pipe and hose connections to prevent leakage, vibration and electrical charges. 

Rubber gaskets are cut into rubber sheets of various shapes and sizes, which makes them highly customizable to meet the needs of specific accessories.  Because of its durability, color stability, heat resistance and general economy, it is widely used in the automotive industry to prevent leaks between connecting parts.  

Rubber bushing absorbs shock, reduces vibration, resists wear, and reduces or eliminates the need for lubrication between components.  They are flexible and easy to use parts such as gear bars, internal combustion engines and suspension systems.  

Silicone rubber tube is a highly versatile product that resists frequent or continuous exposure to weather, uv radiation, heat, and ozone.  This type of tubing is widely used in the automotive industry as an insulator for cables and wires.   

Application of rubber seals in automobile industry  

Automotive rubber products play an important role in many applications in the automotive industry.  Their main uses in mechanical equipment include filling gaps between components, minimizing damage caused by vibration, preventing leakage of liquids or gases, or preventing contamination by moisture or dirt.


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