Automotive Rubber Bellows 2022-02-15 09:16:28

Rubber bellows are essential for all industrial heavy duty pipes, which can fully absorb temperature, pressure, motion and vibration of pipes, thus reducing pipe damage.  The design of automotive black rubber bellow depends on the temperature, pressure and movement of the current pipe and the technical requirements of the different types of rubber in its manufacture.  

Natural rubber: highly elastic elastomer.  

Fluororubber: resistance to fuel at extreme temperatures.  

Silicone rubber: excellent choice for extreme temperature applications.  

Butyl rubber: low elasticity.  

Synthetic rubber (SBR): functional, low-cost elastomer for general use.  

Nitrile butadiene rubber: excellent chemical resistance to oil and gasoline.  

Neoprene rubber: with oil resistance.  

Epdm (ethylene propylene diene monomer): Ideal for outdoor applications.

Automotive engine rubber bellow generally have single arc rubber bellows and multi arc rubber bellows two types, with/without both sides of the flange and related accessories.  Rubber bellows are also known as rubber expansion bellows because of their flexibility/expansion properties and accept axial, transverse and angular deflections.

rubber bellow for car


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