Automotive Rubber Gaskets 2022-02-07 10:24:45

The automotive rubber gasket helps create a seal so that there is no leakage as fluid moves through the connecting area between the vehicle's mechanical and engine pipes.  

Rubber is also used to cover wires and protect electrical parts and components in cars, such as spark plugs.  

Automotive rubber seals and tubing are evident throughout the vehicle.  For example, gaskets and rubber seals are used to keep dirt out of important car transmission parts.  The cooling system in a vehicle usually uses a rubber seal to ensure no fluid leaks.  

The engine itself has many rubber seals, making sure there is no leakage is vital, coolant, oil and air from the external or internal combustion engine paragraphs, and indeed most important gaskets and rubber seals on the cylinder pad absorb all the heat and compression of the vehicle engine.  All of these parts come in different sizes and shapes, from o-rings to rubber gaskets, but each one is so important that the engine would be obsolete without them.  

In addition to the internal components, rubber seals are very important on the glass side of the vehicle.  Weatherstripping rubber seals and tubing protect passengers from external elements, prevent adverse effects on the vehicle's performance and prevent damage to the vehicle's interior.  

Here at Le Rubber, we manufacture a wide range of gaskets or rubber hose for antique, new cars as well as caravans and trainers.  As a rubber manufacturer, our gaskets and seals can be made from a variety of rubber derivatives from EPDM to neoprene ®, and can be used in applications such as low passage pipe seals to vehicle wind strips.  With more than 50 years of experience supplying rubber seals to the automotive market, and our extensive portfolio of rubber extrusions and rubber parts.


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