About Us
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Registered Add Xiamen, Fujian, China
Type of business Manufacturer
Main Market North America, China, Europe
Brand Kingtom
Number of Employees 280
Annual sales 100000000
Established in 1996
  • Brief Introduction

  Xiamen Kingtom Rubber-Plastic Co., Ltd. was officially founded in 1996. For years, Kingtom has been entrenched in developing innovative R & D results and excellent customer services for rubber & plastic products. Kingtom brand products have been used in various industries, such as auto parts, transportation, electrical products, Industrial products and more. In addition, Kingtom for the KINDDI brand.

  With strong technical expertise, excellent quality,and superior customer service, Kingtom maintains a highly respected reputation throughout the world. Kingtom has always focused on exploration and development of new technologies and processes, and currently has 41 inventions and practical patents.

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Business License Of The Enterprise Legal Person

Business License Of The Enterprise Legal Person

ISO/TS16949 Quality management certification

ISO/TS16949 Quality management certification